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Features > Winter > Christmas Homes > Emma & Mark Smith
AC075: Emma & Mark Smith
Photos: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text: Maggie Colvin / Narratives

When Mark and Emma Smith bought one of the oldest cottages in a Berkshire village, they discovered that it had been on the market for 8 months and two previous sales had fallen through. 'It was just too dark,' Emma deduces. 'I am guessing but the doors and the beams were all painted black, even the stairs and banisters were black and to be honest, it looked hideously depressing. Even the walls were dark - British Racing Green in the sitting room and there was an emphasis on mustard colours and dark floral patterns. As my parents also bought a Tudor house and I saw the results of their transformation, I just knew what a difference white paint would make.'
The red and white colour scheme means the house converts to a Christmas house really easily.
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