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JB138: Ceramicist Bodil Manz
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text Peter Ting / Narratives

One of Denmark's most lauded ceramicists Bodil Manz, creates eggshell porcelain. Regarded as a doyenne of the technique she makes cylindrical forms so fine that a shadow or pattern on the far side can be seen through the opposite face. These "shadow" vessels, which require several firings and are decorated with appliqué geometric designs, are produced in the studio adjacent to the home she has lived in since 1967. The house and studio are part of a collection of old school buildings dating from 1886 with additions from the 1930s. Bodil and her potter husband Richard bought them “At a time when a lot of the old schools were being sold off and replaced with new constructions. Many artists and craftspeople bought the redundant buildings because they were spacious and usually in need of some repair, so not too expensive".
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