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JB171: Architect James Engel
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text: Cathy O'Clery / Narratives

A home, artist's studio and gallery space, this remodelled terrace in North London belongs to artist Andie Scott, designer and interior architect James Engel, and their young son Leon. Known as the 'Long House' the three-storey narrow building begins at the shop/gallery front, behind which Andy and James have created a surprisingly flexible and multi-functional family home and painting studio. Housed in separate buildings, these two entities are linked by a beautiful central walled garden. Within the shop front gallery space, a wall folds back to bring it together with the living area – perfect for when Andie is hosting private views. From here, an open plan kitchen flows neatly into the central walled garden, then Andie's north-lit painting studio.
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