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Features > Lifestyle > Food & Drink > Eco-pioneer Catherine Conway of Unpackaged
JB205: Eco-pioneer Catherine Conway of Unpackaged
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text: Cathy O'Clery / Narratives

Eco-pioneer Catherine Conway has put in to action what most people are only beginning to get their heads around. Whilst some supermarkets are trying to cut down on packaging or charging for plastic bags to minimise their global footprint, Catherine has eradicated the need for packaging entirely. Her shop in North London, aptly named Unpackaged, sells fresh and dried foods, toiletries and cleaning products all without packaging. To shop at Unpackaged you need to bring not just your shopping bags but some containers and re-usable bottles. The concept of re-using and re-cycling is high on Catherine’s agenda. Her flat in Hackney, which was renovated by an eco-building company has been furnished entirely from re-used furniture.
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