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Features > Spring > Artist & Designer Homes > James Cole
PE083: James Cole
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text & Styling: Celia Rufey / Narratives

James Cole is a freelance assistant director who works on films and television features.
In London, he shares a flat with his wife, Aimie, but between jobs he goes down to Lyme Regis as often as he can to work on this 1930s cottage.
Doing all the labouring himself, James relied on the goodwill of the builders he met each morning at the builders merchants yard to tell him the order he should do the work and how to tackle that days job, from taking off the roof and taking down ceilings to installing new windows. His vision for the cottage was to open out the upstairs into one big living space with a sleeping platform above one end, and to have bedrooms and bathroom downstairs.
Most of the furniture James has collected is 1930s-1950s. Outside, he rebuilt the retaining wall that was falling in from next door, then constructed the outside room with fireplace alongside.
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