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Features > Winter > New Year > New Year At Home with Tiffany Giudicelli
AC020: New Year At Home with Tiffany Giudicelli
Photos: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text: Fiona McCarthy / Narratives

Bloom artificial flower designer Tiffany Giudicelli is based in Lincolnshire with her husband Laurent and their sons Etienne, 7, Remy, 5, and Margot the dog. Based in this Queen Anne period rectory for the past four years, complete with many of its original fixtures and features, Tiffany and Laurent have transformed it into a six bedroom, three bathroom, light, relaxed, welcoming family home. Dark and sultry, with hints of red, gold and pewter against a backdrop of moody candlelit white. Preparations are under way for a big new year!s eve party with friends who all have small children and will stay the night – “each one is bringing a favourite dish so there will be a fantastically large amount of food, lots of champagne and good red wine, and at midnight we!ll send off sky candles and fireworks.
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