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BD123: 17th Century Cottage
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Charlotte Colville / Narratives

Anna and Ben Carless found the perfect period village cottage in Oxfordshire, full of character and charm, to start family life.
Anna did not really believe people who walked into a house and instantly felt the thunderbolt,.
After looking at some twenty properties in Oxfordshire, they began to accept the fact that there would be some compromise in finding their country home and wondered if their criteria were too strict, so far they had been disappointed with every house they’d viewed.
And then they found Greystones which ticked all the boxes and more... The house was pretty from the outside, situated in a big and bustling village. The house revealed a double width reception room, with a worn flagstone floor and a vast inglenook fireplace at the entrance hall end and a pretty Victorian fireplace at the other sitting room end. Separating the room were some beautifully warped exposed vertical beams. The thunderbolt struck! With 18 month old Jack outgrowing the confines of their London home and its lack of ‘playspace’ and baby number two on the way, a decent sized playroom, off the kitchen and apart from the adult sitting room area was a dream come true.
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