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BD135: Sabien Engelenburg
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sian Williams / Narratives

Sabien is a partywear and product designer based in the Netherlands.
She lives with her Husband and two girls on the outskirts of Amsterdam in a newly built house
Her very first creation was bright cheery party bunting that she designed in a whole array of colours. Now after the success of the bunting she’s branched out into kitchenware such as aprons, napkins and tablecloths and most recently bright paper pom poms and original confetti buntings for celebrations.

Sabien is highly influenced and inspired by colour and her home is filled with bold furniture, textiles and accessories which also translates into her work too.’ I love a mix of modern and retro furniture designs and quite often pick up something from a flee market giving it a new lease of life with a lick of bold colour or a retro 60’s or 70’s fabric. All the colours sit well together against a backdrop of modern architecture and white walls, which give everything, space to breath.
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