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JB231: All The Trimmings
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text & Styling: Mary Norden / Narratives

Annabel Lewis - Founder of VV Rouleaux, a luxury ribbon emporium loved
by the worlds of fashion and interior design, as well as royalty and
celebrities, who flock to her shop, to pick out individual pieces and
commission projects, has left London and moved north to live in the wilds of Cumbria.

But Annabel has not swapped the ribbons and tassels of London for rustic
living. The house is a National Trust building and is filled with all her
classic trade marks - luxury silks, quirky pieces of furniture and curious, bell jars encasing gold-glitter leaves and silk flowers, vases filled with pheasant plumes, tin birds, delicious colours used in unexpected combinations, sequinned and embroidered throws, all put together with a large dose of wit.

Cumbria, Summer, Country Homes, Creative, Creativity, Eclectic, Quirky, Feminine, Romantic, Stylish, Pretty, Collections, Floral, Farmhouse
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