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RS136: The Big Change
Photos: Robert Sanderson/ Narratives
Text: Mandy Nolan / Narratives

Taking on an Edwardian house stripped of original features and ‘modernised’ in the 1960’s would have put off most couples, but Tamsin and Duncan positively relished the challenge. Both work in the film industry, Tamsin in costume design and Duncan as a location manager, so they share artistic talents and are passionate about
renovating property.
‘We lived in a flat in North London it was the patch we were familiar with. As soon as our son was born, we knew we needed a family house with living space overlooking a garden.’
Finding exactly the right location in North London proved a tall order. Some areas were rather too urban, but Dollis Hill, although according to Tamsin, ‘not the metropolis for smart cafes and boutique shops,’ offered great parks. Not just because of their son, but also for their newly acquired dog.

Family Home, Colourful, Decorating Ideas, Practical, Conversion & Renovation, London
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