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Features > Spring Homes > Contemporary Homes > Dove House
EW006: Dove House
Photos: Emma Lewis
Text and Styling: Serena Fokschaner

This 1930s house was bought two years ago and has been gutted and
redecorated from top to bottom. A decisive and pragmatic decorator, Niloufar announced from the start of the project her intention to
use 'plenty of pink'. Her husband objected. 'So, as we always do when an
argument threatens, we played a game of Backgammon to decide who won.'
One glance - at cushions, furniture and upholstery in varying shades of pink - confirms who prevailed. The entire project has been a budgetary balancing act, as she says: 'I am happy to snap up a swivelling office chair online so that I can favourite and expensive horsehair upholstery fabric.'
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