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BD143: Old School Style
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Naomi Jones / Narratives

Former teacher Liz Lamour knew exactly what she wanted to achieve when
she redesigned this 200-year-old stone building. “I gave up teaching after
our third child came along in 2006, so when we bought this place the
following year, I wanted to create an interior that would remind me of my
previous career.” Chalkboards and chalk have inspired the main colour
scheme throughout, while the scarlet tone in the kitchen/diner is reminiscent
of children’s artwork; and dotted around each room are vintage posters and
books, zinc numbers and rows of hooks that will transport you back in time
to your old school days.
Liz owns the cottage with husband Corentin, a French farmer she met in the
mid-1990s as a student working in his family’s restaurant in Brittany,
northwest France, in order to improve her language skills. Born and bred in
Ireland, in 1999 Liz moved to the farm her husband had inherited from his
grandparents, and together they have renovated several properties in the
hamlet, most of which are rented out as holiday cottages. They themselves
now live in what was the farm’s pigsty with their four children, Dara, Molly,
Una and Róisín (11, 10, 8 and 6), who appear to have the idyllic setting for a
storybook childhood: set well away from busy roads is a country lane where
stone cottages, tumble-down barns, and fields of hay and prairies line either
side; where crickets chirrup harmoniously; and where traffic consists of the
odd walker out for a hike, a cat on the prowl for a tasty snack and the
occasional tractor humming along in the sunshine. “It’s so peaceful here,”
says Liz. “Not unlike the country setting in Ireland where I myself grew up,
so although I dearly miss my family back home, I feel very settled here and
the children love it.”

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