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RG038: Georgian Christmas
Photos: Richard Gadsby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Jo Leevers / Narratives

As a wintery dusk descends on the Kentish countryside, the windows of
Hilary and Graham Flatman’s Georgian home shine a bright, golden
welcome. Inside, tables, alcoves and sills are bathed in the glow of
candlelight and the house’s tall, classical proportions are adorned with purest
white and silvered decorations. The seasonal and Scandi-influenced décor is
the perfectly match for the refined Georgian architecture, creating a simple,
beautiful Christmas.
Hilary loves all things refined - almost, she admits, to the point of austerity -
so the heritage of this converted farmhouse in east Kent captured her
imagination from the start. ‘I’m drawn to the purity of Georgian
architecture,’ she explains. ‘I like the symmetry, combined with tall ceilings
and lofty windows.’ She loves the elegance of the windows so much that
tries to avoid obscuring them: ‘Curtains or even blinds would detract from
their plain beauty,’ she says.
Hilary’s architectural ideal would be a narrow flat-fronted 18th century
English townhouse, like those in East London’s Spitalfields. But this
converted farmhouse in the heart of the Kentish countryside is a far cosier
version of Georgian that comes into its own at Christmas, with its crisp,
clean lines softened by Hilary’s decorative touches, muted, chalky paint
shades and tactile wood and stone.

Christmas, Winter, Festive, Country Homes, Period Homes, Georgian
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