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DC003: Neil Bustin
Photos: Darren Chung / Narratives
Text: Vinny Lee / Narratives

From a house near the town of Kassel, deep in the German countryside, concepts have been developed for a furnishing range inspired by one of the most English of fashions designers, Sir Norman Hartnell whose clients included three generations of the British Royal family. The work took place here because it is the home of furniture designer Neil Bustin and his partner Rainer Dausch. British born Bustin has a Victorian terraced house in Leicester while Dausch has an apartment in Dusseldorf but four years ago they decided to ‘take on a project’ to do up a home together, and bought a derelict 1734 built house, for one Euro. Although you may not know Bustin by name you will undoubtedly have come across his work. He has a skill for taking style briefs from well known names and brands and interpreting them in to furniture and furnishings. His work can be seen in the highly successful Conran Content products for Marks & Spencer, for John Rocha home as well as Harrods and Heals but his latest challenge, and perhaps his greatest so far, has been to encapsulate the glamour and zeitgeist of the late Sir Norman Hartnell and translate it into a home collection.

Rural, 18th Century, Farmhouse, Period Homes, Country Homes, Designer, Furniture Designer, Germany, German, Winter, Timber Framed, Quirky, Eclectic
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