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RS164: Small is Beautiful
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Maggie Colvin / Narratives

In search of a more manageable and compact London house, Lucy and Hutton Swinglehurst sold a large rambling Kensington house which had belonged to Hutton’s parents and looked around the Knightsbridge area. ‘We divide our lives between London in the week and a house in the country at weekends,’ Lucy explains, ‘so we wanted something small that could be made beautiful, but a project we could afford. As Hutton said, the restoration of his parents house needed someone with deeper pockets.’
Conveniently the terrace cottage in Knightsbridge was the very first house they looked at and it ticked all their boxes. Lucy takes up the story. “It was probably built for the craftsmen working on the Great Exhibition Hall of 1852 so it was considerably smaller than our last house. Having been unoccupied for three years it needed a complete overhaul, but the idea of being able to put our stamp on an undone up property really appealed to me. It was a blank canvas.’

Urban, Period, City, London, Georgian, Family Home, Traditional, Spring, Stylish, Antiques, Elegant, Terraced
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