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RS166: Urban Renovation
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Mandy Nolan / Narratives

By renovating, recycling and collecting a variety of modern art Sharon and Jeremy Rainbird have created a unique family home. Jeremy and Sharon Rainbird’s home is the kind of house where you feel at ease instantly.
Filled to the brim with modern art and quirky collectibles, the house has a relaxed air, enhanced by a mix of family antiques, designer pieces and recycled treasures. ‘Buying this house was an exciting move for us, we often stopped to admire this row of 24 4-storey terraced houses.
With four storeys to renovate we broke the work down into stages. Having stretched our budget to the limit we had no choice but to live through the renovations so we attacked the work logically starting at the top and working our way down, living on the floors where the work hadn’t started.

Urban, City, London, Period, Summer, Georgian, Colourful, Quirky, Garden, Outdoor Space, Bright, Collections
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