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JB235: Antique Charm
Photos: Jan Baldwin
Text & Styling: Ros Byam Shaw

Terry and Kristin Cooper are antique dealers. From their sizeable stand in the series of big warehouses that are Bridport Antiques Centre in Dorset, against a background of rusting corrugated iron panels, they sell a highly decorative mix of distressed French furnishings, and robust industrial pieces with vintage appeal, such as tools, metal signage, and factory fittings. Sweetening the mix are items of antique lace and costume, exotic fabrics, and pretty glass and china.
Their home is a charming terraced house in the village where novelist Thomas Hardy’s parents got married. This picture-postcard Dorset village features in several of Hardy’s novels, including Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Behind the Georgian panelled door are rooms filled with antique and vintage finds, and decorative inventions such as the wall sculpture made from the lids of old oil cans, and the wood burner with a grille taken from an old tractor.

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