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RS140: East Meets West
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Tricia Welch / Narratives

When Barbara Sand first set eyes on her gleaming steel, timber and glass Huf Haus she felt goosebumps. She and her husband Roland had been doing the rounds of estate agents to no avail, then suddenly there it was, the house of their dreams, in the ideal location close to their children’s schools and the green open spaces of Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common. Fortunately it was love at first sight as soon as the couple, originally from Germany, walked through the front door. ‘I was immediately struck by the atmosphere of serenity in the house, ‘ says Barbara. She discovered that the former occupants had called in the services of a Feng Shui expert during the design stage to orient the space, enabling a positive energy to circulate throughout the house which is devoid of obstacles like walls or doors in the ‘wrong places’ to interrupt this flow.
The Sands had also been long been fans of the Huf design ethic. ‘We appreciate the strong clean lines and structural elements of its minimal design. Plus we love the emphasis on glass, for the open plan continuity of one living area into another. Because the expansive glass allows you to see the ever changing moods of daylight , every hour provides a different view’.

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