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RS142: Seaside Victorian Villa
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Mandy Nolan / Narratives

Buying a weekend flat in Brighton gave Mike and Richard Woolf a taste of living in the area before deciding to relocate from London. ‘We soon discovered Brighton isn’t like living in London, it’s more relaxed and people are much friendlier here,’ explains Mike. Unbelievably the second house the couple viewed was perfect and only a few minutes walk from the station but they didn’t proceed with the sale immediately. ‘Despite the fact that it ticked all the boxes I wasn’t 100% sure to begin with, it was very frustrating for Richard because we hadn’t seen anything else which came close to our requirements,’ explains Mike. ‘If we had known then what we know now I would have jumped at the chance to buy the house, we love the street, our neighbours are great and the house is perfect for us.’

Brighton, Contemporary Homes, Summer, Terraced House, Period Homes, Urban, Victorian, Elegant, Courtyard, Garden, Extension
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