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RM023: Plain Sailing
Photos: Rachael Smith / Narratives
Text & Styling: Rachel Leedham / Narratives

Buying a new home was the last thing that was on Helen Parry’s mind when she and her husband, Anthony, met up with friends in Ipswich for a weekend of sailing. ‘We were having brunch in a restaurant on the marina when we noticed that an old malt house was being converted into apartments,’ she recalls. ‘Anthony and I were intrigued and popped in to have a look. Before we knew it, we were putting in an offer on this flat.’
While the London-based pair’s decision was impulsive, it wasn’t completely illogical: both Helen and Anthony hail from nearby Sudbury, and they often spend weekends in the area visiting friends and family. Last year, the purchase of a small sailing boat, moored in Ipswich marina, saw their visits to Suffolk increase. ‘We realised that the flat could provide a bolthole from our London lives, which can be frenetic to say the least,’ Helen explains.
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