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KN019: Me & Orla
Photos: Kristy Noble / Narratives
Text: Hannah Bullivant / Narratives

'We weren't supposed to love this house' says Sara Tasker, a writer, photographer and Instagram star, of the two-bed Georgian ex wooden mill they would one day call their own. 'We simply couldn't afford it!' She and partner Rory O'Niell, Assistant Head at a special needs school, viewed it after expanding their initial city based search radius. 'We wanted a new start for our little family and had been looking at tiny houses on the outskirts of Manchester. We were attracted by the size of house you can buy when you move further away from the city through and ended up viewing this house in a tiny village.' She continues 'The speed and intensity with which we loved it shocked us. We ran around the house squealing, and shouting 'have you seen this? It's amazing!' to one another from different rooms, it was so perfect for our family. I think the estate agent knew then that we wouldn't be able to let go.
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