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EW036: Natural Elements
Photos: Emma Lewis / Narratives
Text & Styling: Ali Heath / Narratives

The rustic interior of this inter-war Arts & Crafts style lodge house dating back to 1932 has been sensitively restored by Interior lifestyle store owner, Tracey Appel and her husband David who live her with their two children.
With deep stone walls and aged timbers, the original central thatched lodge and coach has been designed as the precursor for a future family home, in the centre of an impressive fourteen-acre plot, with breathtaking views across the North Downs in Surrey. The site was never developed further and apart from occasional film set work has sat empty and derelict for over ten years.
'We wanted to preserve the historical integrity of the site and added a third thatched building to create a symmetrical synergy. It was important to us to repurpose and reuse all of the reclaimed materials in the build.' says Tracey. Contemporary glass link-ways, topped with turfed roofs to blend with the surrounding landscape were added between, seamlessly connecting old with new. Floor to ceiling metal windows at the rear frame the magnificent vista beyond and the successful fusion of natural material, specialist craftsmanship and effortless styling has created a modern family space that pays homage to the past.
Tracey has carefully planned to ensure space and privacy for all. Throughout, colours are muted, earthy and restful, and the interior is filled with carefully curated finds and artwork. 'My style is highly influenced by Flemish design and I am drawn to the natural appeal of wood, stone, brick, leather and linen.' says Tracey. 'Their weathered textures add a sense of simplicity and softness and create a soul that is hard to replicate.'
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