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RS010: Chateau de Christin
There is only one word that adequately sums up this little chateau nestling in the South of France’s Languedoc countryside - wow. It is the very same word that its current owners Nina and Oliver de la Fargue uttered when they saw it for the first time.The couple had been living near Marseilles, and decided that the suburbs were far from their dream location - being neither the city nor the countryside - so they opted to make the change to rural life and started to
look for a suitable home. ‘We wanted a property right in the country, somewhere peaceful, but preferably near the coast,’ says Nina. ‘The Cote d’Azur was an obvious starting point, but it can be touristy and expensive. So we switched our focus to the beautiful, quiet countryside of Camargue where we could get more for our money.’
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