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RS241: Home for the Holidays
When Antique dealers Paul Wong and Martin Johnson put their stamp on an old stable surrounded by meadows, it was with a dash of French style. When the sun spills through the arched window at one end of the stables, converted by Paul Wong and Martin Johnson, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in the South of France. The link is intentional, as sun shimmers across the old limestone floor and through old Venetian shutters delineating crisp vertical lines, Paul explains. ‘Antique French furniture is definitely one of our favourites, ‘ he says. ‘We probably make at least ten to fifteen buying trips a year in search of this relaxed rural style. We decided that as most people’s dream is a long weekend in the South of France, we would aim to provide them with the next best thing - a weekend in the stables surrounding them with a warm sunny Provencal ambiance and South of France colours.’ When Paul and Martin bought the property it was just stables, filled with stalls and troughs, linked by rickety open wooden steps to what was used to be an upstairs hayloft.
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