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EW033: Rustic Retreat
Harriet and her husband own an old Suffolk meeting house, built in 1580. They spend a lot of weekends and holidays out of London in their rural property with their four children.
The property has had many uses over the years but was bought by top architect, Michael Hopkin in the late 1960’s and converted into a family home. Harriet used to holiday here whilst at university, as her best friend was the daughter of Michael and Patty Hopkin. In the late 1990’s they decided to sell and Harriet and husband Stevie made the spontaneous decision to purchase. They have completed a lot of interior work on the property and have recently built the new barn and architectural swimming pool.
Harriet is the founder founder of Biscuiteers, and her husband Stevie Congdon, founder of Lettice, a London based catering and events company. Harriet launched Biscuiteers from Stevie’s catering kitchens. With phenomenally fast
growth the company moved into their own premises after only three months, baking their delicious handmade designer biscuits, all exquisitely hand-iced by artists. It was the first business of its kind in the UK, taking its influence from the
fashion world in terms of launching seasonal ‘collections’. Like miniature works of art, each collection is beautifully packaged in designer gift tins that are sold online, and retailed within the company’s two London shops, which also offer a school of icing and a café.

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