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Features > Winter Homes > Christmas Homes > Counting Christmas Blessings
RS225: Counting Christmas Blessings
Photography by Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling by Maggie Colvin / Narratives
Location: West Sussex

As you turn the corner of a long pebble drive leading to Jane and Dominic country home, the best view is arguably in winter especially after a frosty night or snowfall. As Jane remarks, ‘it is pretty in summer but winter almost has the edge. It looks so romantic - like a Victorian Christmas card, with lights outlining the pretty shaped windows sparkling in the snow or frost.’
They bought their Regency villa in spring so never fully appreciated what a great Christmas house it was destined to become.’ Being renowned for their parties, the large rooms with high ceilings proved a great bonus. The hall in particular, offers perfect acoustics for the church choir who traditionally stage an evening of carol singing every year. ‘We inherited the privilege of hosting them,’ Jane smiles. ‘When they book in a date for the concert, it is as if a start up
whistle blows and our Christmas season begins.’
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