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Features > Winter > Country Homes > A House for all Seasons
RS244: A House for all Seasons
Photography by Robert Sanderson/Narratives
Text & Styling by Maggie Colvin/Narratives
Location: Worcestershire, England

When Jackie and Stephen felt squeezed for living space as their energetic son turned six, moving deeper into the
countryside was a foregone conclusion. ‘My husband Steve says if he had not become a pilot he would have been a forester so we moved north to a more remote rural area overlooking the Malvern Hills, close to his family.‘
The house they fell in love with had a chequered history dating back to the 1200’s spanning up to late Victorian times, when a new one room deep facade had been added. ‘I was attracted by the high ceilings and large windows in the Victorian extension, and Stephen liked the traditional elements in the older part of the house, wooden beams, exposed crooks, two hundred year old flag stones, Victorian tiles in the hall and a very cosy ancient inglenook.’
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