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Features > Summer > Period Homes > Georgian Treasure Trove
BD189: Georgian Treasure Trove
Photos: Brent Darby/Narratives
Styling and Text: Sian Williams/Narratives

Rhona Hamilton is a self-confessed magpie. Her home on the near the English borders, is unusual for the area. An honest and upright Georgian town house as she likes to describe it, beautifully proportioned with the decoration and furnishings creating the stage-setting for a lifetimes interest in visual arts, books and curios. Her love of antiques came about as an antidote to pressure of work more so since retiring from fundraising for arts events fifteen years ago. A curiosity for the odd or old probably stems from my childhood, she says, recalling when her mother discovered the local auction house, each month arriving home with a wild assortment of furnishings, such as their African period when they lived surrounded by tribal art.
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