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EW057: Mr Smith's Letterpress Workshop
Entering the charming, 19th Century cobbled street of Iliffe Yard, in Kennington, where Mr Smith’s Letterpress workshop is located, feels like stepping back in time. Surprisingly peaceful within such an urban setting, the
yard was built as part of The Pullens Estate. Designed with artisans and small traders in mind, the area originally comprised six hundred dwellings surrounding four working yards - allowing people to both live and work on
the premises. Fast-forward to today and some three hundred flats and three yards remain - home now to a thriving mix of creatives.
The brick fronted facade, with its bold, red painted door and decoratively arched windows leads into Smith’s workshop, where the strong aroma of ink and welcoming clunk of original letterpress machines in action, harks back to a printing era that is now more exception than norm. The workshop reflects Smith’s desire for precision, calm, structure and order and is set out specifically to aid the flow of the design process - aesthetically pleasing yet intrinsically practical. Collected slowly, Smith, has curated within, one of the largest collections of original English printing presses, letterpress furniture, cabinets and tools, that are used daily in his work.
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