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Features > Lifestyle > Artisans > Fashion - Nick Ashley in Private White V.C. Factory
AC112: Fashion - Nick Ashley in Private White V.C. Factory
Nick Ashley Creative Director of Private White V.C. Clothes that are made to last and made to serve.
Much as his mother (who drove the design side of Laura Ashley) imbued her brand with an affectionate nostalgia – frilly, Victorian, rural – Nick has drawn on the wardrobe of Private Jack White, a First World War hero who won a Victoria Cross at the age of 18, then founded the 90-year-old factory in Manchester, where the Private White clothes are made.
The brand is steered by James Eden (the great-grandson of Jack White), Michael Stoll (who runs the factory), and Nick, who had become familiar with the factory during the years when he ran his own shop, Nick Ashley, in west London.

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