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AC114: Upholsterer Liz Rose
From a rural barn on the East Sussex coast, designer and upholsterer Liz Rose is taking the traditional craft of upholstery to new bespoke levels.
A rustic moss clad barn tucked away in a leafy corner of upholsterer, Liz Rose’s, quiet East Sussex garden, artfully disguises the drama of what lies within. Giant, ruby red Dorothy shoes, retrieved from a local carnival float, hang theatrically from internal beams, along with colourful pom-poms, a shimmering disco ball, lavish silk-lined walls and opulent velvet cinema seats. Not your usual, everyday upholstery studio, but then this no ordinary creative. In the far corner of this inspirational space, is where Liz, brings to life her designs, combining the ancient craft of upholstery, with a passion for contemporary fabrics and luxury embellishment.

Upholstery, Fabrics, Artisan, Workshop, Creativity
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