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AC116: Artist Rob Wyn Yates In da Cottage
From his rural Suffolk studio, Rob Wyn Yates creates striking, 3D abstract paintings using distinctive linen frames.
Chelsea College of Art alumni, Rob Wyn Yates, refers to himself as a painter rather than an artist. His trademark style features geometric forms with colour & shadow, and his work, which has been exhibited widely, now has quite a following.
A move to Suffolk, in 2008, with my partner coincided with an idea to start our own antiques business, so we launched a series of pop-ups from our cottage and my paintings started to get people’s attention. They weren’t for sale and I left them on display to gauge reactions and this encouraged me to start selling them. The pop-ups proved a great success so we opened a standalone antiques store, In Da Cottage, in Framlingham. I sell my paintings from there as well as in gallery spaces and online.

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