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BD224: Breath of Fresh Air
‘I spent a lot of my childhood in rural Northumberland,’ says Rachel Scheffer, ‘and for both my husband Ron and me, the drama of this countryside and coast just speaks to us so much. To have somewhere we can come and enjoy that, and all its fascinating history, is wonderful.’ Within metres of their seaside retreat is a beautiful, wide and wind-blown beach, edged with sun-bleached grass. Beyond it, the vast North Sea stretches out to the
Farne Islands and beyond. ‘All of the inspiration inside has come from what is outside the windows, even the accent colours we’ve used,’ says Rachel. A purple chair takes its cue from irises behind the house, a deep green sofa from the fields around them, and the taupes and blues of walls and fabrics from the beach and sea. Even the matt black chosen for the hall doors was sparked by inky strands of seaweed.
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