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BD232: My Kind of Country
Paper sculptor, Kate Kato has always been a country girl at heart. Brought up in Bristol as a child, she lived along the river Avon where there were plenty of places for her brother and herself to explore along the riverside or in the woods near her family home. She originally trained as a graphic designer at The University of the West of England and then went on to do numerous jobs such as portrait photographer and a designer creating branding for various businesses. But at this point in her life she never quite found her niche and instead re-trained as a social worker putting aside her creativity for personal pleasure only. It was when she moved to the village of Gladestry on the Welsh borders with her husband Robin in 2014 and had her two girls Poppy (5) and Rowan (3) that she found her place as an artist and established her business. Taking time out to look after her children, she started to make things for herself again in between bringing up her children. Kate started by creating things based around what she loved most - nature and paper and the sculptures have gradually evolved from there.
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