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BD233: My Country Business
Its not hard to see where Layla’s creative flair for flowers comes from. Her home, just off the Offas Dyke path on the Radnorshire/ Herefordshire border is surrounded by awe-inspiring landscape full of wild, beautiful foliage to collect for her creations. ‘It’s where I feel my happiest walking along the quite roads or hill tops with my husband Rob and our three girls Matilda (ten), Marigold (eight) and Meredith (three) picking through the hedge row for interesting grasses, berries and foliage. Layla has always loved flowers and nature even as a child having been was raised in the in the golden valley in Herefordshire renowned for its stunning landscape. The passion carried through to adult hood where she studied amenity horticulture at Pershore College of Horticulture and also went on to do an apprenticeship in landscape design and management whilst working at the college as ground staff. She then went on to set up her first business working as head gardener and designer for a number country houses in the Herefordshire area including Wellbrook Manor in Peterchurch and Winforton House Winforton.
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