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FM008: Living the Dream
Photography Fiona Murray/ Narratives
Text and styling Felicity Hayles / Narratives

Anya and Robin are delighted they opted to join the new wave of people choosing to replace their outdated properties with sustainable bespoke homes.
This spacious four storey modern house, is home to Anya, Robin, and four sons. After eight years of living in their 1960s pebble dashed bungalow, they felt it was time to extend their family home. Nearby to work, the boys’ schools and their friends, their current location was perfect, so they had no interest in relocating. The house, previously extended in the 1970s, now needed a considerable amount of renovation, along with their plans to further extend it. Their neighbour, an Architect, introduced the idea of an entire new build, explaining that their triple plot would provide far more scope to create a spacious home with a more logical layout. ‘The thought of demolishing our cosy family home was quite terrifying at first, but it was an unspoken dream of mine to build a house from spec,’ recalls Anya. ‘I just didn’t imagine I would get a chance to actually do it!’
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