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RS307: Past and Presents
Photography - Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text and Styling - Naomi Jones / Narratives

TV producers Sarah Freethy and Phil Nockles have transformed two Grade II listed 15th century brick and flint thatched cottages into one large house that celebrates its past whilst providing a home for their future together

Deep, comforting colours, and the warmth of aged wood create a timeless feel in this old cottage, which comes into its own during winter, and looks incredibly welcoming adorned in an abundance of freshly cut foliage for the festive period. ‘I enjoy all the seasons, as they sweep in and out of our lives,’ says Sarah. ‘But these shorter days make me really appreciate just how cosy this house is: I love to sit in the kitchen and watch the weather rolling down the valley towards me, yet still feel perfectly safe and warm; it’s an incredibly inspiring house, too, one that
encourages me to drink in its beauty, and that of the surrounding countryside, whether through my eyes or my camera’s lens.’
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