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RS320: A house of two halves
Julia and Gerry Brendel-Lee found a Tudor and Georgian cottage that quickly became their forever family home. House hunting wasn't easy for Julia Brendel-Lee and Gerry Lee when they decided to move from their new build seven years ago. 'With young children (Alex now 13 and Mia, 12), we were on a really strict timetable of dropping the kids off at their school in Surrey, driving down to Kent where we could see a maximum of three viewings, then racing back to collect the kids.' But it was worth the effort, although finding this property turned out to be purely by chance. 'It was a total coincidence that we came to visit this house. One of our other viewings was cancelled and we thought we would use the time to see another property. We printed out the details, not really thinking much of it at the time as the pictures on the agent’s website weren't great, but the second we saw the place in real life, we knew it would become our future home.' 
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