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AC159: Arabella Parrish
Arabella Parish hand makes spectacular lights with wood verneers.
She and her husband Dominic used to work together for Linley and also co-run the more traditional Wardour Workshops, making bespoke furniture. Dominic also helped to set up Another Country.
Arabella’s designs began because she wanted to find a way to use the offcuts of veneers they used in their cabinetmaking - and loved the effect of them when held up to the light. She bends and weaves them into shapes.
Her designs are all inspired by the woodlands that surround their home and they predominantly use indigenous English tree veneers, sourced from local estates or sustainable woodlands.
The light bases are all solid wood, often walnut, hand turned and the brass sections are also shaped and assembled in the workshop.
Their workshops are in Semley, Wiltshire, and her website is at Their home is nearby and some shots are at the end of the shoot.
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