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RG048: Eclectic Elegance
Photos: Richard Gadsby / Narratives
Text: Sharon Parsons / Narratives

Lucy Abercrombie has given this Victorian property in Southsea, Portsmout a new lease of life, thanks to a confident approach, creative vision, and an eye for detail.

‘I felt this house was waiting for us,’ laughs Lucy Abercrombie as she describes the moment she and husband Patrick Keese first viewed the elegant Victorian property that was to become their home one late summer morning in 2014. ‘We opened the huge double doors leading to the sitting room and it truly was a “wow” moment,’ she recalls. Before them, lay a vast empty space flooded with light from enormous windows framed on either side by patinated mirror panels, along with soaring pillars, architectural details, and an imposing fireplace. In the middle of the room - almost surreally - stood a dusty baby grand piano, which the previous owner had left behind. ‘It was pure theatre, and we were captivated,’ says Lucy, who ironically, co-owns a small theatre company, Sleepless Arch.
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