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RS370: Yvonne Jones
When her life changed direction, Yvonne Jones never imagined she would be happily living in a house she first saw 35 years ago. Nearly four decades ago, Yvonne Jones’ dream was to return to her native Wales to set up a business as an interior designer, get married and have a family. ‘After I quali?ed from the Royal College of Art, I lived in London where I specialised in fabric design,’ she says. ‘It was great, but after a while I decided it was time to head home to live on a farm and have lots of kids.’Most of Yvonne’s dreams came true – she moved back to Wales, lived on a farm, became a successful interior designer and did indeed get married and have a child. But 18 years later, when her son Nathan left for university, she was facing a di?cult divorce and an uncertain future. ‘At the time, it didn’t feel as though I was having much luck, but life can be like that sometimes so I thought that I just had to get on with it,’ she says
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