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SB013: Rusty Metal
The beauty of aged and rusty metal.
Celebrate the beautiful textures and patina of aged metal, whether rusted and corroded or worn to a smooth tactile surface.
Everyday items can take on a new look rich in texture and unusual patina, often the effects of time, weather or use. This natural corrosion ensures no two metal items will tarnish or rust to the same finish, making each piece unique. Whether smooth and tactile or flaky, these textures sit well with natural fabrics, making them easy to live with inside and outside the home.
Outside, team rusty garden tools with plants and fresh foliage, repurpose everyday kitchen items as planters or vases. Inside, combine deep earthy-coloured natural linens, mismatched vintage glass and brick for a welcoming look. Displays made from worn and weathered objects make great talking points, or stand an item alone to create a focal point.
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